Hey there, I’m Danish Saeed. Nice to meet ya!

What I Do

Realtime Graphics

Since 2010, I have been a full-time on-air graphics designer. I am responsible for creating transition logic based graphics and AR/VR graphics. I have performed several design-related tasks for various television channels within the beIN Media Group.

Print and Web

My skill set includes designing websites and printing advertisements. I have done various web-based and publication projects as a freelancer.

Motion Graphics

My career began as a motion graphic designer using Adobe After Effects and Maya. I have designed numerous channel brandings and program title sequences.

3d Animations

I have an idea of several tools for 3D animation. As of now, I use Cinema 4D for motion and Realtime graphics.


Realtime Graphics

Viz Artist


Template Builder / Template Wizard


Content Pilot / Pilot Edge


Viz Multichannel / Multiplay


Viz Script / HTML5


Curious Map / Viz World


Design Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud


Cinema 4D


Unreal Engine


Final Cut Pro / iMovies


Blog Posts


Key Strengths

  1. Competent in all aspects of VizRT Suite.
  2. Possess a technical and operational understanding of Vizrt Suite.
  3. Proficient in using industry software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D.
  4. Detailed-oriented, with the ability to work under  tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  5. Highly organized with an eye for detail and good attention to the final pixel.
  6. Able to work in high-pressure production environments.
  7. Knowledge of live graphics workflows for news, sports, and entertainment.
  8. Have a knack for multi-tasking.
  9. Anticipates needs, innovates, and flourishes in a high volume, fast-paced environment.
  10. Being able to organize, prioritize, and complete tasks on time is a good time management skill.
  11. Flexible with schedules and ready to work weekends, nights, and holidays.
  12. An enthusiastic and cooperative team player.

Design Contributor

Realtime Graphics Showreel