The branding agency DixonBaxi, based in London, created the on-air identity for the Premier League, designing show titles, infographics, and a motion graphics system. They took their inspiration from the movement of the game.


DixonBaxi created show titles, in-match graphics, augmented reality, touch screen and studio graphics using a “Field of Play” design language that unites each element. The design concept is a graphic system that provides consistency to the display of live data including league tables, charts, player pro­les and in-match information that can often be complex.


The custom motion graphics system was inspired by footballing passes and plays – colored blocks, tables and scorecards rise, fall and slide across the screen at varying speeds, referencing short passes, long Here again, the vibrant color palette is used in a balanced and appropriate way, in a manner that suits the re­fined typography and layouts for the hundreds of elements needed to bring the live gameday experience to life. It provides the basis for the Premier League brand and makes the game better for the fans.